Need success with all beg and beggages? In Forex Trading, the success comes with the automate routine Forex trading decisions that work with the proper automation and leave other aspects of trading. We focus on Forex Trading Expert advisor(EA) as they always focus on the forex trading which is free from emotions and feeling.

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Let’s take a deep study on the EA’s aspect; before choosing the expert, need to focus on some parameters that we defined in the client terminal setting window which is opened by “Tools - Options” menu command or with the short cut “Ctrl+O”.


Following are the steps to set up the expert parameters:

Ø Select the “Expert Advisor tab”, with selecting the tab, some setting tools will appears.


I. Automated Trading : We need to allow this section, as this shows the performance of trade operations by EA. If this option is disable, then it won’t allow you to trade.

II. Auto Trade while changing the Account: We should disable this option while changing the account, as this option is protective aspects for the real ID.


III. Auto trade when the profile has been changed: we should disable this option too as the current account carries large information which can distract with the profile change.

IV. DLL Imports: With allowing this option, we can used dyanmic links without having any limitatons.


V. WebRequest for listed URL: the WebRequest() function is used for the Get and Post Request with the MQL4.

With the above mentioned points you can easily setting the EA in your trading. For more details visit :

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